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Buy Smart Buy Local
At Last... a Solution
For Local Businesses!

One Toolset Powers All
Your Internet Channels:

  • Your Website
  • Your Email Blast
  • Your Mobile Website
  • Your Facebook Page
  • LOCAL Email Network
  • LOCAL Web Network
  • LOCAL Mobile Network
  • Google Organic
  • Your Online Store
  • Ebay Connect

My Super App Powered By The Buy Smart Buy Local Network


Ad Pictured is From Fashions By Penina
A Dress Shop in Marlton NJ Specializing in Mother Of
The Bride Dresses and
Gorgeous Cocktail Dresses!
Fashions By Penina Uses
The System to Power Their
Website Specials, to Send
Their Emails and to Get
"Found" on Google!
In 12 months They Have
Grown Their Email list From
less than 100 to over 1600!
They Grow Their Email List
AND The Network Grows
Their Email List!


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Testimonials:   What's The Buzz From Hundreds of Users In The Delaware Valley?
Restaurants And Taverns
"I use the Super App system to power my website and my email blast. My email list has doubled since I began using the system 2 years ago. We will be launching our Mobile version shortly. My coupons on are on the first page of Google because of this system!"  Frank Capuano, Carlucci's Italian Grill Mt Laurel, NJ
"My emails go out every week like clock work, you see the difference in the cash register! My website always has fresh content whether you come in via smart phone or regular computer"   George Lavdas, The Marlton Tavern Marlton, NJ
Restaurants And Taverns
"I use the Super App system to power my website and my email blast. I have been able to grow my email list to over 10,000 email addresses using this sytem... it's awesome! I will soon be launching my mobile site and my online store using the Super App system"   Angelo Breau, Family Jewelers Marlton NJ
"We've been in business for 30 years, but we were in the dark when it comes to reaching customers on the Internet! We now use the Buy Smart Buy Local toolset to send out cool sales circulars to our customer base... it is as easy as they say, our list has quadrupled in the last year" Cheryl R, Fashions By Penina, Marlton NJ
Grocery Stores & Bakeries
"I recently used the Buy Smart toolset to promote my one day sale... The bottom line? We did 30% more business that day as a direct result of the system."
Vince Mazzeo, Owner BF Mazzeo's Northfield NJ
Contractors & For The Home
"I post my ads using the toolset and they hit my website instantly, saves a lot of time and money, let's me be really creative and timely with my promotions. My ads are also showing up in Google searches... really cool!"
Maureen, Owner Alenco Fence, Medford NJ
Business Associations
"We finally have a portal driven by dynamic content posted by our members. It is such a perfect fit for our community: ThinkMapleShade.com. We expect to launch the mobile version by January 2013. Our online presence has a great start and is growing dynamically as each member adopts the new technology... we love It!"
Linda Marryott, Manager Maple Shade Business Association